Alana Cruise, Liz Jordan – Day Dreamer: Part 2 [FamilyStrokes]
Day Dreamer: A Liz Jordan Mini-Series [Part 2 of 3] – In our last scene with Liz Jordan, she had sexy daydreams in class with friends Demi and Oliver. Now, her stepparents, Alana and Bobby, get a call from the school counselor informing them of Liz’s poor attention in class. When Liz gets home, Bobby and Alana confront her and try to figure out what’s making her so tired. The truth comes out, and Liz confesses to Bobby about her raunchy dreams – including the one where he’s the one fucking her brains out. The Liz Jordan Skinematic Universe gets even crazier in “Day Dreamer: Part 3.”
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