Gaby Ortega – Seductress Step Daughter [BangBros18]
Gaby Ortega thought her step father Peter Fitzwell looked hot. Her mom was out of the house. Stepdad was at the pool. Time to have some fun. But what would be the best approach. She asked he if he put enough sun block. He did. Yet she decided he needed more. So she was spreading sunblock on him and by accident her hand went up his bathing suit. He jumped. He thought it was very inappropriate. Hm, if he liked inappropriate? She stuck her ass in his face and pulled down her shorts. In the pool she was rubbing her nipples so they would get pointy. When he was complaining again, she said but you are hard, grabbed his dick and pulled it out. There was no hiding. She started to suck it. They went to the bedroom so they would not be caught outside. First he ate her pussy and ass. Then they fucked. They fucked in doggy, missionary, she enjoyed riding him and was happy she managed to seduce him. A perfect afternoon. Then he came in her face.
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