Nicole Kitt – The Other Woman [PureTaboo]
There’s trouble in paradise as Tanya (Nicole Kitt) and her boyfriend, Ron (Donny Sins), start their day. There’s tension in the air as Tanya tries to get close to Ron, though Ron reads her affection as being clingy. Even as Tanya mentions going through her late parent (Sheryl)’s belongings, Ron seems on edge and wants to get away from the conversation. Once he abruptly leaves for work, Tanya is left confused and crestfallen about what she’s done wrong…Later, as Tanya sorts through Sheryl’s belongings, reliving beautiful memories of her parent, she eventually finds a cellphone. She’s surprised to find text messages from an apparent secret boyfriend Sheryl had and curiously scrolls through them. But the further down she gets, the more hot the text messages become… and Tanya is heartbroken when she realizes that the secret lover is none other than Ron.Even though Tanya’s world has been shattered, she realizes she can use this revelation to her advantage. She studies the steamy text messages, gleaning anything and everything she can. With this newfound knowledge, maybe there’s a chance to still save her relationship with Ron…When Ron returns home from work that evening, Tanya tries to please him with a romantic dinner, using information she learned from the text messages. However, instead of making things steamy between them, Ron only becomes puzzled and uncomfortable. That’s when Tanya tries to get flirty with Ron, although this leads to her using a pet name that Sheryl called him, which she only knew of because of the messages. This causes Ron to freak out and for the details of the affair to come to light.Tanya explains she was just trying to be more like the type of woman that Ron likes. But Ron remarks what he REALLY liked about Sheryl was her assertiveness.Finally, Tanya snaps. She’s always resented Sheryl’s selfishness… but if that’s what he wants, then so be it.
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