Lena Paul – Free Use Therapy [Oopsie]
Oliver Flynn and his girlfriend Ember Snow arrive at a sex therapist’s office for a session. At Ember’s urging, Oliver is going to talk to someone professional about his shyness and intimacy issues. Ember kisses her boyfriend tenderly and encourages him to open up to the therapist, who is highly regarded as the best in her field…While Ember stays behind in the waiting room, Oliver begins his session in a private room with the therapist, Lena Paul. To start things off, Lena decides to evaluate Oliver by showing him various inkblots, to see how he interprets the shapes. However, she notices that Oliver is far more fascinated with the shape of her chest!Seeing how this can be a great way to help him, Lena pulls open her shirt to show him her impressive breasts, jiggling them and then pressing his face between them. Lena then spreads her legs to show him her pussy, encouraging him to freely use her to build his confidence. There’s no better therapy than free use therapy!
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