Freya Parker – My Wife’s Teen Girl Is An Exhibitionist [DevilsFilm]
Dick Chibbles is reading in the living room when his stepdaughter, Freya Parker, runs in and asks him if he’s seen her bikini anywhere. He says that he hasn’t seen it, and then realizes that Freya isn’t wearing any clothes, so he asks her why she’s NAKED… again. She jokes that obviously she’s naked because she can’t find her bikini, but Dick isn’t amused that Freya is such an exhibitionist.Later on, Freya tells Dick that she has a date coming over, so she shows Dick her shaved pussy, asking him if it looks okay. Dick is exasperated, but tells her she looks great. When Freya’s date, Alex Mack, arrives, he and Freya start having sex in her room with the door open. Needless to say, Dick ends up getting an eyeful again! Freya notices that Dick is watching, so she makes sure that she and Alex give him a show that he’ll NEVER forget.
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