ewelz BluConnie Perignon – See Right Through You [Oopsie]
A nerdy IT worker, Seth Gamble, discovers a pair of x-ray glasses. He uses them to see through the clothes of his boss, Connie Perignon, and realizes that Connie has a vibrator inside her pussy! She notices him ogling her and reprimands him, causing the x-ray specs to fly off his face, and leads him into a private office. Another co-worker, Jewelz Blu, picks up the x-ray glasses and tries them on, seeing through the wall and realizing that Connie is intimately teaching Seth a lesson. Jewelz can’t help but feel aroused and starts touching herself while continuing to watch, until Connie finds out what she’s doing and also brings Jewelz in for a refresher on office conduct… in the form of a sexy threesome!
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