Richh Des – X-Ray Booty [AssParade]
Peter has just bought something life changing, the world’s first x-ray glasses. Once he puts them on he begins to believe that he was scammed. However, once his roommate, Richh Des, walks in he notices that they work upon seeing her completely naked while wearing the glasses. From there, he rushes to his room to call his friend. Unknowingly, he had forgotten the glasses in the living room. This is where Richh Des finds them. She puts them on as she’s walking and when she gets up to Peter, she realizes what type of glasses they actually are. This is where the fun begins. Upon seeing his cock, she now is intrigued. Once inside Peter’s bedroom, she starts shaking her huge ass for him and from there things escalate further. Rich’s pussy gets stretched in several different positions making her cum multiple times. All culminating with a huge load all over her face.
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