GoGo FukMe, Cyndi Sinclair – Granny Dearest [Oopsie]
Aften Opal brings her boyfriend, Joshua Lewis, to visit her grandparent, Cyndi Sinclair, so they can spend some quality time together. However, what Aften doesn’t realize is that Joshua reminds Cyndi of her late husband. In other words, Cyndi has the hots for Joshua!Cyndi’s caretaker, GoGo FukMe, wants to talk to Aften about Cyndi’s health, so GoGo and Aften leave the room together. Seizing the opportunity, Cyndi whips up her old seductive charms to have her way with Joshua. Cyndi shows Joshua that she knitted a dick warmer for him, but then demonstrates that her MOUTH is good at keeping Joshua warm, too!When GoGo returns to the room and catches them in the act, she’s shocked, but then she realizes she can use this opportunity to finally have sex with her hot older charge! A threesome ensues, but can they avoid getting caught by Aften?
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